Indian/Pakistani: Shan Restaurant

5060 N Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL 60640

Phone: 773-769-4961

Photos by Elizabeth.

Shan is an Indian/Pakistani restaurant located on Sheridan and Winona. This famous cabbie stop is also known for its delicious food. Shan was originally a grocery store that sold fresh tea and samosas along with their grocery items. When their food got more and more popular, they started offering more dishes for take out. In the last 10 years, Shan bought up the space next door to their grocery store and opened a restaurant.

What we ordered (family style)

  • Chana Masala (chick pea lentil dish)
  • Lamb Biryani (lamb rice dish)
  • Chicken Chapli Kabob (flat chicken kabob)
  • Mango Lassi (yogurt mango smoothie)
  • Naan (Indian bread)

Price – $35 including tip for the both of us. A little bit over our budget, but it was worth it.


S:  5 – The food was absolutely delicious. It was definitely on the spicy end (and that’s saying something for me) so I would not suggest it for people who can’t handle spicy food. I personally loved the Chana Masala because it went well with everything we ordered. The food was served family style so I would keep that in mind when ordering. One dish is not really meant for just one person, but at the same time, you need bread or rice to go along with a dish. It could be really easy to order too much, as we did, but who doesn’t love leftovers for lunch?

E: 4.5 – Delicious! I absolutely love Indian food and Shan did not disappoint. Each dish, while at times a bit overwhelmingly spicy (my sensitive pallet cannot handle all that pepper at once), was still very tasty. I strongly recommend the
Mango Lassi; it perfectly cooled you off in between spicy bites. My favorite of the dishes we got was the Chapli Kabob, but beware, it is filled with tons of garlic and other spices. Yum!


S: –  The food came really quickly (ideal because we were starving) but one thing that bothered me was the server did not talk to us at all. He just took our order and left. It would have been understandable if the place was packed, but we were some of the only customers there, so it seemed a little weird. It would have been nice if he told us about the specials or gave us suggestions for ordering etc.

E: 4 – Super fast. However, I don’t think the server actually said a word to us. He came over and took our order and then next thing we knew, our food was right in front of us.


S: 3.5 – I’ve actually been to Shan at night before and it’s much more lively. However we went at 2pm on a Monday, so it was pretty much empty. The restaurant part is done up nicely, but it wouldn’t really be the place I would go on for a romantic date. You do have to walk through the grocery store to get into the restaurant which is strange, but once you get seated, it’s just a simple restaurant.

E: 3 – When you first walk in, it’s a grocery store, which threw me off a bit. Then you turn a corner and it’s a big (empty in our case) room. There were simple decorations, not overwhelming, and a TV playing Indian music videos (super fun). Let’s just say Shan is definitely not the place to go to if you are looking for a great ambiance.


S + E:  – We took the 147 bus from Michigan and Randolph to Sheridan and Foster. It was a 9 stop bus ride that took about 20 min. It was very easy and convenient. There is a parking lot right outside, however it’s pretty small, so if you were driving you might have to look for street parking.

Overall Rating

S: 4 –  Overall it was a great pick and would suggest it to anyone looking for good authentic Indian/Pakistani food. It was quick and not expensive at all; a perfect place to go with friends and enjoy some good food.

E: 4.5 – I absolutely loved Shan restaurant.  The lack of ambiance did not bother me in the slightest and I think with more people the atmosphere would be very different. Great restaurant (and cheap!); go for the food, not the environment (or go for the environment if you want that).


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